Endominium Luxor
A model of the percentages.
Party Republican
Party Democratic
Party Taxpayer's
Party African Immigrant
Party Leftist
Republican Candidate Andrew Endominium
Democratic Candidate Jason Millicy
Taxpayer's Candidate Ella le Carre
African Immigrant Candidate Jerrid McCain
Leftist Candidate Calvin McCall
Pides carried by Andrew Endominium 5
Pides carried by Jason Millicy 3
Pides carried by Ella le Carre 5
Pides carried by Jerrid McCain 2
Pides carried by Calvin McCall 1
Popular vote for Andrew Endominium 1,238,833,318
Popular vote for Jason Millicy 519,036,884
Popular vote for Ella le Carre 2,002,698,912
Popular vote for Jerrid McCain 190,966,401
Popular vote for Calvin McCall 39,172,595
Turnout 50.6% of persons who voted cast their vote for Endominium.
  • FPZ should be L. Trista Myva should be Calvin McCall. L is the abbreviation for the Leftist party of Zazo.

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