Free Reign of the Zazan People
Ethnic groups </td> </tr>IGN</td>
Gini</td> </tr>HDI </td> </tr>ZA</td> </tr>
File:Flag of Zazo.svgcentercenter
Largest city Endominium City
Official languages Latin
National language * English
  • Greek
  • Klingon
Demonym Zazan
Government Multi-party parliamentary semi-direct democracy
 -  President Andrew Endominium
 -  Vice President Schavenein Ysari
Legislature Parliament of Zazo
 -  Upper house Chamber of the Select
 -  Lower house House of the Select
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Currency Zahm (ISO 4217
Drives on the right
Calling code +0
Country code top-level domaincenter

The Free Reign of the Zazan People, more commonly referred to as Zazo, is a country in the western hemisphere of Cyberia. It is not only the largest country in the western hemisphere, but it is also the largest country on Cyberia.

Independence from DizenopevreniaEdit

Main article: Dizen-Zazo War

Since From December 7, 1299 to December 31, 1799, Zazo was a colony of Dizenopevrenia. In the summer of 1796, Zazo ambassador to King Lyan, III of Dizenopevrenia, George Hamilot, declared a war of independence on Dizenopevrenia, a power which, as ambassador, he did not possess.[[Dizen-Zazo War|See More]

Civil WarEdit

Pre-War StatesEdit

The pre-war states were Naxo, Nano, Isle, Naxotrillionoctalacalicity, Nahuluha, Naxotrillion, Zaxonburg, Ku, LBB, Izban Island, and the Zazo Territories of the Wampanogian Empire.

Mid-War StatesEdit


The mid-war non-secessionist states were Naxo, Nano, Zaxo (formerly a part of Naxo), parts of Ku, Naxotrillion, Nahuluha, Izban Island, and the Zazo Territories of the Wampanogian Empire.

Secessionist, no secession grantedEdit

The states that filef for secession but were not granted it were Isle, Saxonburg, some parts of Ku, and the eastern land of Nahuluha, currently an independently-recognized state of Zazo, known as East Nahuluha.

Secessionist, secession grantedEdit

The secessionist states that had their secession applications granted were Naxotrillionoctalacalicity and Southeast Zaxo. THe land of Southeast Zaxo is no longer owned by the state of Zaxo, yet Zaxo still claims full ownership.

Present-Day PidesEdit

The present-day states are currently known as "pides" (singular: pide). The pides are as follows:

  • Naxo
  • Isle
  • Saxonburg
    Claims independance, yet is still part of Zazo)
  • Ku
  • Naxotrillion
  • Nahuluha
  • East Nahuluha
  • Saxonburg
  • Zaxo
  • Nano
  • Izban Island
  • Zazo Territories of the Wampanogian Empire

Political Changes during the Civil WarEdit

Former president (42nd 1/2 and 45th) Andrew Endominium was appointed full President of Zazo by Scahvanein Ysari following Endominium's order of the Militarization of Endominium City.

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