Zaxo D.U.S. City
— Federal District —
Country Zazo
Federal District U.S. Central District of Zazo
Mayor Steven Skylocket
Council Chair: Stefan Mikhail
Federal District 19,368,338 (second largest)
Density 50,000/square mile
Metro 22,997,007 (second largest)
Demonym Dusian
Time Zone
Zone CST (±0)
ZIP Code(s)
Main 338
Others 338
Area code(s) 000

Zaxo City, District of the United States, formerly known as Ameriston II and commonly known as Zaxo D.U.S. City, is the capital city of Zazo. Located on West Island on the Hierarchy River in Zaxo, it is the second largest city (in population) in all of Zazo, being topped only by Endominium City.

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