Zazo will catch the bad.
Formed January 1, 1801
Employees 50,000
Annual budget 15.6 billion Zazaim (approx. 17 billion USD) (2013)
Jurisdiction structure
Federal agency Free Reign of the Zazan People
Legal jurisdiction Zazo (main)</small), Kutano, East Seatia
Governing body Zazo Department of Corrections, Justice, and Dicipline
Operational structure
Headquarters Alvin Michael Yaren III Memorial Library, Museum, and Zazo Crime Bureau Building
Ameriston, Zaxo D.U.S. City, Zazo
Sworn members 40,000
Unsworn members 10,000
Executives Dodge Steele

The Zazo Bureau of Federal Criminal Investigation, more commonly referred to as the Zazo Crime Bureau or ZCB, is the lead department of investigation on the federal level for the Free Reign of the Zazan People. In other countries, it is equal to the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

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