W Platform

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Platform Info
Platform Name W
Manufacturer Endominium
Generations One
Vehicles Included
Endominium X6W
Endominium V4W
Suve (Link Coming Soon)
Production Started 2010
Production Ended N/A

The Endominium W platform is a heavy-duty platform designed originally for the Endominium X6W Semi Truck. It has since been used for many other automobiles including the Endominium V4W Cargo Van, the Endominium Suve Passenger SUV, the Endominium X Suve, and the third-generation Endominium Laure.


Automobiles included:

  • X6W
  • V4W

The Endominium W-L platform is a much larger version of the Endominium W platform. It is a semi-truck sized version of the platform.

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