Scahvanein Ysari

103rd President of Zazo
Assumed office
January 2, 2013
Vice Saphaari Yuuang
Commander Levin Kelly, Sr.
Vice Commander Levin Kelly, Jr.
Governor Dodge Steele
Assistant Governor Ryan Jantz
Predecessor Andrew Endominium
Zazo Representative from Naxo
Assumed office
January 4, 2000
Preceded by Kyle Mussensen
Succeeded By Lenny Rass
Personal Details
Date and Place of Birth November 4, 1967
Riasten, Naxo
Birth Name Scahvanein Asyyntu Ysari
Residence Remembrance Building, Zaxo D.U.S. City
Spouse(s) Kelly Richardson
Alma Mater Harvard School of Law, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S.A.
Religeon Christian
Political Affiliations Conservative Independent, though legally affiliated with the Republican Party of Zazo
Children Kelvin Andrew (b. 1998

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