Saphaari Yuuang

From Third district of Saxonburg
Terms served Three
Term length(s) Term I: 2002-2004
Term II: 2006-2008
Term III: 2010-2012
Preceded by Lee Anne Carrie (all terms)
Succeeded by Lee Anne Carrie (all terms)
Vice of Zazo
Terms served One
Term length(s) 2012-2016 (preset, alterable)
Vitio ad dux Scahvanein Ysari
Preceded by Dodge Steele
Succeeded by Lee Anne Carrie (all terms)
Personal Details
Date and Place of Birth March 9, 1978
Version on the Left, Colour Province, British Zazo (now Craydai, Saxonburg, Zazo)
Birth Name Saphaari Ngyn Yuuang
Residence Zaxo D.U.S. City, Zazo
Alma Mater Revolution University, Version on the Left, Colour Province, British Zazo (now Modern Pre-K-12 + University, Craydai, Saxonburg, Zazo)
Religeon [ Agnostic]
Political Affiliations Republican Party of Zazo, Conservatism
Children Saphaari Ngyn, Jr.

Saphaari Ngyn Kelvinson-Vario-Yuuang, Sr. (born Saphaari Ngyn Kelvinson and known professionally as Saphaari Yuuang or Saphaari Ngyn Yuuang) is a Zazanian politician, former member of the Centennial Parliament of Zazo (2002-2004), the 102nd Parliament of Zazo (2006-2008), the 104th Parliament of Zazo (2006-2008), and is the 105th Vice of Zazo. He also is a founder of the Vice Party of Zazo, of which he is no longer a member. He ran for the 2004 Zazanian presidential election as a Vicist, where he became the Vicist Presidential Nominee of 2004. He ran in 2008 as a Vicist-Republican, Conservative, and in 2010, he ran for special election as a Republican, Conservative, Anti-Vicist. Sixty percent of his opponents were also a member of the Anti-Vicist subdivision of their respective political party.

Early LifeEdit

Saphaari Yuuang was born on March 9, 1978 at Version on the Left independent hospital in Version on the Left, Colour, British Zazo. His parents are Lynn Kelvinson (post-divorce Vario) (née Vario) and father Robert Kelvinson. The hospital is now First Hospital of Craydai, St. Joseph in Craydai, Saxonburg, Zazo. On May 21, 1999, his son, Saphaari Ngyn, Jr. was born in the same hospital room in which Saphaari, Sr. himself was conceived.

When he was seven, his mother (then Lynn Kelvinson, remarried to Lynn Yuuang, now Lynn Vario) and father Robert Kelvinson divorced. He moved in with his mother who married a Chinese man named Gontrand Yuuang, and his last name became Kelvinson-Vario-Yuuang, and his mother's name became Vario-Yuuang. Three months later, Gontrand died of a fatal car accident.

Interest in politicsEdit

U.S. president Ronald Reagan came to his then-residence of Jerusalem, Zaxo. Little was recorded about the Kelvinson-Vario-Yuuang/Reagan meeting, but it changed Yuuang forever and pursued him to have an active interest in politics.

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