Endominium Rite
Vehicle Overall Info
Platform Endominium X2 Platform
Body Style Two-door hatchback (1997-2011)
Four-door sports utility vehicle (optional, 2011)
Class Compact SUV
Layout FF or F4 layout
Manufacturer CarCorp (1997-2009), Endominium Motors (2009-2011
Production January 6th, 1997- October 8, 2011
Model Years 2000 - 2013
Successor Endominium Farfetch
Predecessor Endominium Laure (1980-1997 model)
Also Called Endominium Rite Xtra

The Endominium Rite was a compact SUV produced by CarCorp from 1997-2009 and by Endominium Motors from 2009-2011.

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