2013 Ogden 低品質の車 Large
Vehicle Overall Info
Platform Ogden jaPlat
Body Style Four-door sedan
Class Sedan
Layout FR
Manufacturer Endominium
Production 2011-present
Model Years 2012-present
Successor N/A
Predecessor N/A
Also Called CrudCar, Low Quality Car

(FYI: This is how you pronounce it: TAY HEE sti no koo ROO ma.) ($M stands for Starting Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price [MSRP] in United States Dollars.) Models: 低品質の車 ($M9,999) 低品質の車 LX ($M13,274) 低品質の車 ELX ($M19,925) 低品質の車 EX ($M24,295) 低品質の車 EX-L ($M29,995) 低品質の車 Limited ($M31,274) 低品質の車 Touring ($M33,333) More details (like the pricing in plain English, what each model level includes, and the specs) available at

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