Ogden クラッドカー

Company Overall Info
Name Ogden
Key People Andrew Endominium, Owner
Industry(ies) Automotives
Countries Served Same as Endominium
Years Active 2011-present
Status Active
Also Called クラッドカー
Public Stock N/A

Ogden (Japanese: オグデン) is a U.S. owned Japanese car brand. All cars are designed by Americans, although the Ogden Headquarters (日本の遠藤ミニえとビル [translates from Japanese to The Japanese Endominium Building, since Endominium isn't an official Japanese word]) is located in トヨタ、愛知県、日本 (Toyota, Aichi Prefecture, Japan). Ogden is American designed, Toyotan Headquartered, and 高山 (Takayama) built. TranSports are built in America, Designed by all-Americans, and all-American.



Ogden's only car, Sedan

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