2013 Endominium Mirror
Vehicle Overall Info
Platform XDS
Body Style Four-door sports utility vehicle
Class SUV
Layout F4
Manufacturer Endominium Motors
Production September 25, 2011 - Present
Model Years 2011 - Present
Successor No Successor
Predecessor Endominium Auckland
Endominium New Orleans
Also Called Endominium Shine(New Zealand)

Endominium Reflect (the United Kingdom, except for Scotland)

Endominium Reflection (Scotland)

Reflective Design Edit

The Mirror's reflective design allows the Mirror to be very discreet to animals less intelligent than the octopus. Pretend that you are hunting deer. The reflective design allows you to be very discreet when performing a drive-by on the deer. Then you can pick him up and throw him in the trunk. You are now permitted to stop pretending.

Dangers and Precautions Edit

Blinding Edit

The reflective body and the sun will make a blinding (literally) combination for other drivers on the same road.

Invisible Mistakenings Edit

Since the vehicle reflects everything, the elderly might mistake the car for not being there.

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