LiYung-Japani Kuruma Incorporated


Company Overall Info
Name LiYung-Japani Kuruma Incorporated
Key People • Jennarong Liyung and Gontrand Liyung, cofounders of LiYung Corporation
• Oyatta Japani, founder of Japani Kuruma
Industry(ies) Automobiles
Countries Served • LiYung: China
• Japan
Years Active • LiYung: 1960-merger as LiYung Corporation
• Japani Kuruma: 1987-merger Japani Kuruma
Status Active
Also Called • Japani (Japan)
• LiYung (China)
Public Stock ECSE: LYJKI

LiYung-Japani Kuruma Incorporated is a seller of automobiles, headquartered in, Naha, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan.

1997 MergerEdit

In On June 2, 1997, at LiYung's annual Innovation Domination (Chinese, Traditional: 創新支配, pronounced: Chuàng•xīn zhī•pèi) (Chinese, simplified: 创新支配, pronounced: Chuàng•xīn zhī•pèi) automotive conference held yearly in Wakkanai, Japan, Jennarong Liyung announced at 11:27 a.m. (local time) that Japani Kuruma and LiYung Corporation were going to merge on October 4, 1997 at 3:17 p.m. Oyatta Japani made a guest appearance, confirming the merger immediately after Liyung left the stage. Gontrand was originally supposed to announce the merger instead of Jennarong, but Gontrand's LiYung Haohua limousine crashed on the way to the conference and he did not arrive until thirty-three minutes before the conference had ended for the day. He did confirm the merger, also, but not on stage; when asked about the merger he would simply state,

"What you have heard is correct. Japan Kuruma and Leon Incorporated will be merging. I have watched video of the announcement and state that none of that announcement was inaccurate in any way whatsoever."

2013 Acquisition by NextGen EndominiumEdit

On Sunday, March 10, 2013, at 2:30 p.m., the official NextGen Endominium Google+ page announced that they have acquired LiYung-Japani.

"Here at NextGen Endominium, we have two goals: • to serve our customers better than the day before, and • to be nothing less than the biggest company on the planet.

To serve LiYung-Japani Kuruma Incorporated's customers better, and to add to our company size, we have officially acquired LiYung-Japani Kuruma Incorporated.

If you have any questions about this acquisition, feel free to ask them via comments in this post. We will try to answer all questions as best we can.

Thank you, NextGen Endominium"</blockqoute>

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