Leftendale may refer to:


  • Leftendale, Zaxo, a town in eastern Zaxo.
  • Leftendale, Zaxo, a town in central Naxo.
  • Leftendale, Colour, British Zazo, formerly known as Version on the Left, Colour, British Zazo, currently known as Craydai, Saxonburg.
  • Leftendale, Nano, capital of Nano
  • Leftendale, a province in central Dizenopevrenia.


  • John McLeftendale, former king of the Dizen Empire.
  • McGeorge Bundy Leftendale, 14-year-old Combol singer.
  • Carol Leftendale-Stefani, victim of the Leftendale Metro Train Line mass kidnapping.
  • Snyder Leftendale, brother of Kelvin Leftendale, co-founder of the Leftendale Project.
  • Kelvin Leftendale, brother of Snyder Leftendale, co-founder of the Leftendale Project.


  • Leftendale Project, automobile development project founded in 2002 to develop the most technologically advanced vehicle possible, and will be sold under the Endominium brand once completed, founded by Kelvin and Snyder Leftendale

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