Endominium Laure
Endominium X Laure shown. Click here to see Endominium Laure.
Vehicle Overall Info
Platform Endominium XED Platform
Body Style Four door or two door crossover utility vehicle
Class Crossover utility vehicle
Layout FF or F4
Manufacturer CarCorp (1979-2009), Endominium Motors (2009-present)
Production August 13, 1979 - Present
Model Years 1980 - Present
Successor Endominium XDS
Predecessor No Predecessor
Also Called Endominium Box SUV (1st and 2nd generations)

The Endominium Laure is a full-size SUV made by Endominium. The vehicle was voted "Most Changed Look over a Generation" award on August 24, 2011 and February 27, 2013 by Andrew Endominium.

First Generation

First Generation
Manufacturer CarCorp
Built 1980-1995 (though some believe that the first and second generations were both the first generations)
Jefferson City, MO
Leftendale, NO
Leftendale, Colour, British Zazo (now Craydai, Saxonburg)
Generations preceding Zero (0)
Generations succeeding Two or Three (2 or 3)

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