Jestin Kevlar
Name Jestin Kevlar
Date and Place of Birth July 13, 1942 (age 68)
Uhroidy, Ukraine
Birth Name Жюстін кевлар (Ukranian)
Residence United States of America
Nationality Ukrainian-American
Alma Mater University of California, Los Angeles (dropout)
Occupation Electronics engineer
Years Active 1977-2007
Net Worth Approximately $4 million
Wealth Unknown
Religeon Nuwaubianism
Political Affiliations Party USA Communism
Children • Obadiah Peter (b.1989, d. 2001)
• Yahwein Sarah (b. 1989, d. 2006)
• Stephen Yahi (b. 1999)

Jestin Kevlar is the founder of EPIC and the inventor of the EPIC Computer.

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