From right to left: the original Endominium Guadalajara Concept, 2013 (first generation) Endominium Guadalajara, 2014 (first generation refresh) Endominium Guadalajara, 2015 (second generation) Endominium Guadalajara), all making an unplanned appearance next to each other at Matty's Bar and Grille in Mattville

Endominium Guadalajara
2015 Endominium Guadalajara
Vehicle Overall Info
Platform Cromer 1600 platform (Cromer first generation)
Cromer Blackbird I platform (Cromer second generation)

Cromer Blackbird II platform (Cromer third generation)
Endominium G1 platform (first generation)
Endominium G2 platform (second generation)

Body Style Four-door sedan (1954-1964), two-door muscle car (1964-1974, 2012-2013), four-door sports sedan (2013-present)
Class Sedan (1954-1964), muscle car (1964-1974, 2012-2013), sedan (2013-present)
Layout L4 (1954-1964), L (1964-1974), M4 (2012-present)
Manufacturer Cromer (January 17, 1954-August 9, 1974)

Endominium (February 26, 2012-January 19, 2013)

NextGen Endominium (January 19, 2013-present)
Production January 17, 1953-August 9, 1973, February 26, 2012-present
Model Years 1954-1974, 2013-present
Successor No Successor
Predecessor Cromer Benton (1957-1960)
Endominium Seyny (Endominium-produced models)
Also Called Endominium Señori (Mexico and Spain), Endominium Guadalajara (everywhere else)

The Endominium Guadalajara is a two-door sports coupe (first generation) or a two-door+2 sports car by Endominium (first generation) or NextGen Endominium (second generation.

Cromer-produced GuadalajarasEdit

The Guadalajara from 1954-1964 was a rebadged Cromer Scout, and a rebadged Cromer Blackbird from 1964-1973. The differences included different wheels and different color options.

1600 (1954-1964)Edit

The differences between the Scout and the Guadalajara was that the Guadalajara included more colors, and hardtop, rag top, or vinyl roofing. The Guadalajara also featured in-car fans and in-car stereo systems as options.

Blackbird I (1964-1969)Edit

The Endominium Guadalajara from 1964-1969 was built on Cromer's Blackbird I platform. The differences were that the Guadalajara featured air conditioning and AM1/AM2/FM1/FM2 radio standard as the Blackbird did not. It also featured an optional moonroof on hardtop models.

Blackbird II (1969-1974)Edit

The 1969-1974 Guadalajaras were built on Cromer's Blackbird II platform. The only difference at all was it featured revised headlamps and taillamps.

Endominium-produced GuadalajarasEdit

The name Guadalajara was reused for Endominium's new flagship coupe, launched in 2012.

First Generation (G1)Edit

The new Guadalajara was an $87,925 sports car produced from February 26, 2012 to June 19, 2013. With a 6.2 liter engine, it pumped out 578 horsepower, giving the Guadalajara a top speed of 198 miles per hour. The Guadalajara utilized the F4 layout, and in the racing variants, used the FR layout.

2014 UpdaeEdit


The new front fascia.

The only changes for the 2014 model year were revised lights, a new grille, and a slightly modified front bumper. It also featured LED lights in the tail lights instead of halogen bulbs. The interior was completely redesigned after thousands of complants saying that people chose other cars because the Guadalajara's interior was "way too ugly" and "reminded [the customers] of vomit."  It also featured a revised handling system, suspension, and Sirius XM Satellite Radio was now and option and the signature glass roof was now standard.

Second Generation (G2)Edit


The second generation was a complete redesign of the Guadalajara. Andrew Endominium called it "the most radical redesign of any Endominium vehicle ever." The full speech at the keynote for it is:

The Guadalajara is personally my favorite Endominium vehicle ever. It's luxurious to a point, it's fast, it's good looking, and it has above-excellent handling. So you're probably going to boo me off the stage when I say this: the Guadalajara has received a complete redesign.

Presenting the new 2015 Endominium Guadalajara. This is a complete redesign. We said "to hell with it" about the old conventional doors. This vehicle now has quad-glass canopy doors. What that is is four curved panes of glass making up the roof. The car is low enough to the ground that it shouldn't be hard to enter the car. If it is, the new Guadalajara comes with optional large running boards that come out of the sides of the car.

The new Guadalajara also features new pool lights. No exterior light on the Guadalajara is non-LED in the second generation.

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