Coat of Arms
Official Motto: We will fight.
Traditional Motto: Wist wen feit.
Capital Cap City, Capitalia
Official Language(s) Enten, English, Zazan
National Language Enten
Demonym Enten
Government Communism
- Dictator: Easton Entee
Upper House Dictator
Lower House Senate
Area 234,539,997 square miles
- Water: 2 square miles
- Land: 234,539,995 square miles
Population (2010 census) 1,867,000
Population (2012 estimate) 1,982,000
GDP 2010 census
- National $2 billion
- Per Capita $3,119
Currency Mainly Lentani, U.S. dollar and Zazain commonly accepted
Drives on the Right
Calling Code +44 (Cyberia); +122344 (Earth)
Internet TLD .entee,,
ISO 3166 code EN

Communist Municipalities of Entee, commonly known as Entee and formerly the Zazan pide of Naxotrillionoctalacalicity, is a communist country bordering the Zazan pide of Zaxo, the former Zazan pide of Southeast Zaxo, and the United States territory of Box.


As the third Dizen colony and the third state (now pide) of the Free Reign of the Zazan People, Naxotrillionoctalacalicity had an estimated population of 1,467,182, being the second least populous state, second only to Nano.

Entrance to The Free Reign of the Zazan PeopleEdit

Republic of EnteeEdit

Entee was originally a free republic, presided by Xander Ryalson, with vice president being Rylan Hitchcock.


During the Zazo Civil War from November 4, 2010-December 12, 2012, many pides filed for secession. Naxotrillionoctalacalicity and Southeast Zaxo were granted secession. That was Southeast Zaxo's second secession: the first being secession from the pide of Zaxo and the second being secession from the The Free Reign of the Zazan People.

Communist Municipalities of EnteeEdit

The Constitution of Entee states that<blockqoute>Anyone who is to kill the chief executive of the Republic of Entee is to immediately become the new chief executive of the Republic of Entee.</blockqoute>

On December 27, 2012, Easton Cabrio (now Easton Entee) shot former Enten president Xander Ryalson to death, using an estimated 350 bullets, with an estimated 300 going to the head. Easton shredded the constitution and declared Republic of Entee the Communist Municipalities of Entee.

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