Company Overall Info
Name Endominium
Key People Andrew Endominium, Founder
Industry(ies) Automotibiles
Countries Served All except for Saudi Arabia, Iran, Gaza Strip, and West Bank
Years Active 1960-Present as Endominium Motors
Status Active
Also Called Bescar, CarCorp
Public Stock (No public stock in Real Life, ALN-M in the Endominium City Stock Exchange)

Endominium Motors is the main automobile division of The Endominium Group. More information about Endominium Motors will be added soon.


The current Endominium vehicles are:

  • Guadalajara
  • Cuve
    • Cuve
      • Passener Van
      • Low-Income, Large Family Van
      • Cargo Van
      • Chassis Cab
    • Cuve/M
      • Passenger Van
      • Wagon
      • Cargo Van
    • Cuve/MX
  • Laure
    • Laure SUV
    • Laure Cabriolet
    • Commercial Fleet
    • U.S. Army RBD-MK2015
  • W Platform
    • V4W
    • X6W
    • Suve
    • T4W
  • Farfetch
    • Farfetch Wagon
    • Farfetch Coupe
    • Farfetch Cabriolet
    • Farfetch/M
  • Farfetch Premium
  • Carafinka
    • Carafinka GL
    • Carafinka XSL
  • uII
  • Land Traveler
    • Land Traveler
    • Land Traveler EX
    • Land Traveler Mountaineer
      • Land Traveler Mountaineer 4X4
      • Land Traveler Mountaineer 6x6
  • Eccelente Italia
    • Eccelente Italia
    • Eccelente Italia Estreme
  • XDS Platform
    • XDS
    • Montipeller
  • Gondel
    • Sedan
    • Hatch 
  • Endominium Military
    • RBD-MK2015
    • MP9XAn
      • n=1
      • n=2
      • n=3
      • n=4
    • Van Done Rite (military version only)

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