Extreme Personal Information Corporatoin of Computers (or EPIC Computer)

EPIC Computer

Company Overall Info
Name Extreme Personal Information Corporatoin of Computers (or EPIC Computer)
Key People Jestin Kevlar, founder
Industry(ies) Computers
Countries Served United States of America
Years Active February 7, 1977-May 4, 2004 and March 7, 2006-October 5, 2011 under EPIC ownership; April 27, January 1, 2012-December 31, 2012 under Endominium ownership, January 1, 2012-present under NextGen Endominium ownership
Status Active
Also Called • Kevlar Computer (1977-January 1, 1978
• JK CompuServ (1978-January 4, 1979)
• EPIC Computer (1979-present)
Public Stock (No public stock in Real Life, EPIC in the Endominium City Stock Exchange)

The EPIC Computer is a personal computer manufactured by Jestin Kevlar from is foundation in 1977 to July 20, 1978, and by Extreme Personal Information Corporatoin, or "EPIC" from then until May 4, 2004, and from March 7, 2006 to October 5, 2011. EPIC was purchased by Endominium in 2011 and did not produce, but did develop, the EPIC Computer from April 27, 2012 to present.

The Original (MKI)Edit

Epic Computer Fire Red

The original EPIC Computer MKI in Fire Red

The original EPIC Computer was made from January 23, 1979 to January 4, 1984, and the EPIC Computer MKI.I, a minor refresh of the original EPIC Computer, was made from January 5, 1984 to September 7, 1994.

Its dimensions were 2' 3" tall, 3' wide, and 1' deep, with a 15" screen.



EPIC Computer MKI.I ― Kansas City Chiefs Special

The MKI.I was nothing drastically different; just a minor DOS upgrade, a RAM upgrade, and a maximum HDD space upgrade. It also featured new colors for sports teams, such as the Kansas City Chiefs (pictured above), Pittsburgh Steelers, and St. Louis Cardinals.


Its dimensions were 1' 3" tall, 1' wide, and 1' deep, with a 13.56" screen. It was launched on September 2, 1994; just five days before the EPIC Computer MKI.I was discontinued. The MKII was discontinued on October 5, 2011.


Its dimensions are 1' 7/8" tall, 1' wide, and 2 1/4" deep, with a 13.7" screen. It also includes a new 22-megapixel webcam that shoots 1080p video, upgradable (not easily, but upgradable) to a 32-megapixel webcam that shoots full 4K video.

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