2013 Drexel DX-6 Side
Vehicle Overall Info
Platform Drexel DX-4 platform
Body Style Two-door crossover utility vehicle
Class CUV
Layout FR or F4
Manufacturer Endominium
Production July 5, 2012-December 10, 2016, possibly said date
Model Years 2013-2016, possibly past 2016
Successor (No successor)
Predecessor Drexel DX-6
Also Called Drexel DX-4 V6 (Asia)

The Drexel DX-6 is a Compact two-door sport utiliy vehicle produced by Endominium from 2012-present.

Possible DisconinuationEdit

On July 5, 2012 at the 2012 Endominium Worldwide Designer's Conference (Eudeck), Andrew Endominium, owner of Endominium mentioned:

"With a new car comes new complications. And it also does cost money to introduce or re-introduce an automobile or line of automobiles. That's why unless any Drexel model is within the top six highest sold land vehicle manufactured by Endominium by 2016, the DX-6 will be discontinued upon choice, you know, unless another tornado strikes the factory. But that's why we're assembling it in our Chicago plant, our Vancouver plant, and our Ogden plant in Tokyo."


Elbow Design

The elbow design on all new Drexel models

The DX-6, along with all other Drexel models, will use the Drexel Elbow design, which is where I has a vertical line, and under that, has a bend resembling an elbow, and a horizontal line connecting to the bottom of the 'elbow.'

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