1986 Drexel DX-6
Vehicle Overall Info
Platform Drexel DX-4 platform
Body Style Two-door compact SUV
Class Compact SUV
Layout FR
Manufacturer Endominium
Production January 4, 1986-June 19, 1986
Model Years 1986
Successor Drexel DX-6
Predecessor (no predecessor)
Also Called Endominium DX-E (Asia and Europe, but not Lichtenstein)
Drexel DX-E (Austrailia, New Zealand, Oceania)
Drexel DX-6 (Americas and the Carribbean)
Drexel DX-4 V6 (Africa, but not Rwanda)

The Drexel DX-6 is a Compact two-door sport utiliy vehicle produced by Bescar in 1986. Due to complications at the factory it was produced at, it was discontinued on June 19, 1986


The Drexel DX-6 was produced at the Endominium Claude Factory.

On June 19, 1986, exactly six months after the DX-6 was released, a tornado hit the Endominium Claude factory and completely destroyed it, resulting in twelve injuries and two casualties. Since Endominium was under a financial recession during that time, Endominium did not rebuild; they continued to have the company. It's just that Drexel had no products, sold nothing, and was just 'there.'

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