Endominium Director
Endominium Director
Vehicle Overall Info
Platform Endominium SD-1992 Platform
Body Style Two-door sports car
Class Sports car
Layout FR
Manufacturer CarCorp
Production January 9, 1992 - September 17, 1995, March 20, 2013 - April 4, 2013 (limited-production revival)
Model Years 1992-1995, 2015
Successor No Successor
Predecessor No Predecessor
Also Called Endominium Controller (Asia minus Egypt, Russia, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, and Georgia), Endominium Directour (Europe minus Russia, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Spain, France, and Portugal), Endominium Direción (Spain and Portugal), Endominium Fargoue (France), Endominium Control (Egypt, Russia, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, and Georgia)

The Endominium Director was a sports car launched January 9, 1992 and discontinued due to low sales on September 17, 1995. To commemorate the fifth anniversary of the launch of the Director, its class was officially changed to "Imitation Sports Car" and on the fifth anniversary of the discontinuation, its class was originally changed to "Sorry Excuse for a Sports Car."

2015 modelEdit

On March 20, the Director entered limited production, with an updated engine, new wheels, and a much higher starting price of $80,500.



An Endominium Director in a dealership in Nauru's capital of Yaren


An advertisement run by ClearChannel Outdoor in 1994 advertising the Endominium Director versus the VIVA FR

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