This article is about the full-sized cargo/passenger van. For the smaller version, see Endominium Cuve/M.

Endominium Cuve
Vehicle Overall Info
Platform VSAV Prince platform (shared with the VIVA VR44 and other similar vans)
Body Style 4-door minivan

4-door chassis cab
2-door chassis cab
4-door crew cab
2-door cargo van
4-door extended minivan
4-door extended crew cab
2-door extended cargo van
Class Full-size van
Layout F4 layout
Manufacturer Venza Motor PH and VSAV in cooperation with NextGen Endominium
Production July 4, 2012-present
Model Years 2012-present
Successor No Successor
Predecessor Endominium Fourec (passenger), Endominium Van Done Old (cargo van)
Also Called Endominium Cuve XL (All African countries that recognize Afrikaans or Swahili as an official language)

The Endominium Cuve is a range of vans produced by VIVA Automobiles in cooperation with NextGen Endominium from July 4, 2012-present.

Officially approved variantsEdit

Cuve by DiamondCarsEdit

The DiamondCars edition of the Cuve is available in two models: ultra-high luxury and ultra-high sports.


The luxury version of the Cuve/M features Samsung mini-HDTVs (September 19, 2012-March 6, 2013), Samsung mini-4KTVs (from March 7, 2013 on), with a $400 upgrade fee from mini-HDTVs to mini-4KTVs) built into the headrests of the first, second, and third rows for the viewing pleasure of the passengers in the second, third, and fourth rows. It also has an integrated XBOX 360, modified for a maximum of seven players. The van also serves as a high-speed WiFi hotspot with support for AOSS and BlueTooth-enabled devices.


While not much is known about the sports version of the Cuve, it is expected to be launched in late-Q2 or early-Q3 2013.


On Friday, January 4, 2013, a NextGen Endominium announced that they were working on a smaller Cuve to compete with the Ford Transit Connect.

On Sunday, January 13, 2013, NextGen Endominium released the first SketchUp model of the smaller Cuve, calling it the "Cuve/M".

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