Andrew Endominium

Name Andrew Endominium
Date and Place of Birth 21 May 1964
Stavropol, Russia
(Age 49)
Birth Name Эндрю Лоуренс Никзаконалыжные
Residence Endominium Mansion
Nationality Russian
Alma Mater None
Occupation Car engineer, guitarist, vocalist, drummer, electronics engineer
Years Active 2008-present
Net Worth Unknown
Wealth $4.125 trillion
Religeon Lutheran
Political Affiliations Republican (1980-January 7, 2012)
Independant (January 7, 2012-June 9, 2012; December 9-13, 2012; April 17, 2013-present; October 23-present as a Republican-Libertarian)
Revolution (June 9, 2012-December 9, 2012)
Constitution (December 13, 2012-April 17, 2013)
Libertarian (October 23-present as a Republican-Libertarian)
Children Rycliff Endominium (b. 2 June 1987)

Andrew Lawrence Endominium (born 21 May 1964 in Russia, Stavropol Krai, Stavropol) is a Russian-American car and electronics engineer for and the founder of Endominium and guitarist, lead vocalist, and founding member of the rock band, Kyler. He is also the former president of Zazo, where he served his term from 2004-2012, (elections: 2004, 2008, 2012), and now the 47th President of Zazo. He was preceded as the 47th and succeeded as the 45th by Scahvanein Ysari.

Presidencies of ZazoEdit

Endominium has served three three full terms as President of Zazo and is currently in his fourth full presidency.

As the 42nd and 1/2Edit

Endominium was appointed 42nd and 1/2 President of Zazo by then-Speaker of the House and current Supreme Court Chief Adam Smith following the assassination of Rylan Cliff. He was President for fourteen days (two weeks).

As President, he issued two executive orders dealing with the punishment of assassins and the Zazan Political Party of Anarchism (ZPPOA, pronounced "Zih POH uh").

As the 45thEdit

Cars designedEdit

Andrew has designed many cars for Endominium. All cars currently in production by Endominium were designed by him. These cars include, but are not limited to:

And many more.

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