1991 Endominium eLectron Concept
1991 Endominium eLectron Concept, the concept vehicle that eventually evolved into the Alelve
Vehicle Overall Info
Platform Endominium ePlatform
Body Style Four-door compact electric car
Class Electric car
Layout FF
Manufacturer CarCorp
Production January 4, 1994 - September 17, 1996 (limited production)
November 22, 1996 - March 4, 2001
Shanghai, China
Indianapolis, Indiana
Johannesburg, South Africa
Perth, Western Australia
Maracaibo, Venezuela
Steyr-Puch, Graz, Austria
Model Years 1994-1996 (limited production)
1996-2001 (1996-2003 in Canada and China)
Successor Endominium GrassPit (2012 model)
Predecessor No Predecessor
Also Called Endominium All-Electric Vehicle (Canada and China)

The Endominum Alelve was Endominium's first electric car. It was released as a concept during ZIFCA 1991 as the Electron (stylized as eLectron), was released in limited production in 1994, and released to the general public as a production vehicle in 1996.


The Alelve had little to no competition because there were very few electric vehicles on the road. In 1997 when the Prius was launched, the competition grew a little bit, but the competition was still very scarce.


The Alelve is charged by one singular AC power port located directly in front of the driver's door. Its MPHC rating is 30.


Year Production Sales (or given) (USA only)
1991 7 (concept models only) (Not for sale)
1994 701 225-3+
1995 402 277
1996 (Not for sale) 688 505
1996 (For sale) 4,287 2,336
1997 8,000 6,564
1998 13,917 11,233
1999 19,227 12,104
2000 10,001 4,019
2001 4,114 1,779
2002 Not Produced 1,014
2003 Not Produced 148 (end of supply++)

+Note: "-3" means that three were returned, counting against total numbers, so, technically, in 1994, only 222 were given. ++Note: If there were extra cars not sold by December 31, 2003, the vehicle would've been sold into 2004, and if the same happened, 2005, etc. etc. etc. No matter what, December 31, 2007 would've been the very last day of sales. All cars would've been refurbished by the factory in which the individual vehicle was made in the year of 2005 if not sold.

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